Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked and Important Questions

Before embarking on any creative production it is important to have considered and answered some basic questions:

1. What exactly is the purpose of the production?

What are your key business objectives?

What is / are your target market(s) / audience(s)?

How will the production be delivered (eg Hard Copy mailing / Online / DVD or webcast?)

How will you measure the outcome / success of the production?

2. What is the best and most cost/effective means of achieving your objectives?


Design and Print?

Website or online presence?

New and Social Media?

A combination of some / all?

3. About any previous productions?

Have there been any previous productions? If so, what?

How successful was it / were they?

What was learned?

If required, can any elements or aspects be re-used?

4. About your Company and People

How is your company perceived by its clients / customers / stakeholders / supply chain partners?

What are your key brand / product / service attributes?

Who are your major competitors?

Who will be involved in the production and how?

5. About your Budget and Timeframe

What is your preferred budget ceiling?

What is your preferred timeframe?

prescot school

“I am truly delighted by the impact of the work we did together. With your marketing knowledge , guidance and the top quality products produced we have increased our intake by over 100 pupils. We are now full to capacity in year 7 with more applicants in the other years. Your support and professionalism mean that we are no longer reluctant to go out there and showcase what we do - so thank you.”
Judy Walker | Headteacher, The Prescot School.